Can I take my pet abroad after Brexit?

can i take my pet abroad

An update on the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) and the requirements for taking your pet abroad after Brexit.

If you are planning on taking your pet abroad, the parasitic challenge can be very different compared to the UK and may vary from one country to another, therefore it is essential to get veterinary advice at least 4 months before travelling to ensure that your pet is protected and able to travel. For example, Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) is endemic in southern Europe and therefore if you’re heading to Spain, your pet will need a product that is licensed to control this parasite.

Following Brexit it is important to note that the current EU Pet Passport will not be valid from the 1st January 2021 and this will be replaced by new documentation. There is uncertainty as we move through the transition period as to what exactly will be required after 1st January and further announcements are expected. However, it is highly likely that the need for microchipping, rabies vaccination and parasite protection will remain and therefore if you intend to travel in the New Year it is recommended to get your pet vaccinated for rabies now so that they can be blood tested in case this becomes a requirement.

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